About us


Lepozhdian is an Indie Game Developer consisting of two brothers.

Lezhnevich Sergey and Poleshchuk Alexandr

We create different kinds of games and software, taking roles for everything.


All started a long time ago, as soon as we saw the games. At the beginning we start create mods for GTA Vice City and others GTA games for free, for community. For a long period of time we used build in different editors of different games like: WarCraft, TES, Disciples, GTA and etc. To create mods, to make kind of art, to express ourselves. Once, a sudden idea arrived to make a remake of one of the good old game, called Gothic. All began as usual just for art. We made great progress. Got a lot of feedback, skills and inspiration. It was a great experience.

However, due to some understandable reasons, we end it. Stop making the remake.

Since that time, from 2015, we focused on our own ideas, we wanted to create something of our own. Story, universe, characters, environment and share it with the world, with the community. 

Now here we are Lepozhdian a team of two brothers from Belarus. On the path of indie game developer. We hope that the community will join and give us support.


Game Design, Programming


Game Design, Graphic content

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